Tim Maguire

Tim Maguire’s paintings and prints are cinematic in scale and distinctive for their rich colouration and technical skill.  Giant flowers and golden fruit resonate from ambiguous backgrounds.  The work is sumptuous, romantic. Curator Shaune Lakin argues that Maguire’s painting is “both historical and contemporary”. But these modes “do not exactly co-exist …they rub up against each other.”

Maguire uses digital photographs as source material for his oil paintings. He applies colour separation techniques – not unlike those used in commercial printing – which blur the distinction between the digital and the handcrafted.

Tim Maguire has exhibited extensively in Europe and Australia for more than two decades, including a 2008 major solo show at Ikon Gallery, UK. For many years he has worked collaboratively with the French master printer, Franck Bordas.

Untitled 20120603 2012
Oil on canvas
182 x 162 cm
King Lake 2012
Duratran on lightbox
220 x 360 cm
Ed. 3 + AP
Untitled 20120803 2012
Oil on canvas
192 x 184 cm
Untitled 2012020805 2012
Oil on canvas
170 x 275 cm
Untitled 20120104 2012
Oil on canvas
160 x 300 cm
Untitled 20120804 2012
Oil on canvas
180 x 168 cm
Untitled 20120806 2012
Oil on canvas
110 x 210 cm
Untitled 20120807 2012
Oil on canvas
180 x 400 cm
Untitled 20120808 2012
Oil on canvas
180 x 280 cm
Everything Changes II 2012
UV ink on dibond aluminum
180 x 340 cm, 8 panels
Ed. 3 + AP