Sydney Contemporary presents 2020 | Online art fair | A&A ‘Klaatu’ 2019-20

Sydney Contemporary presents 2020 | Online art fair | Amos Gebhardt ‘Family Portrait’ 2020

Sydney Contemporary presents 2020 | Online art fair | Andrew Browne ‘Threshold #4’ 2020

Online Viewing Space | Amos Gebhardt | Night Horse | 13 October to 7 November 2020

Online Viewing Space | Amos Gebhardt | Night Horse | 13 October to 7 November 2020

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Amos Gebhardt

Night Horse
Online Viewing Space
13 October – 7 November 2020

Night Horse examines the powerful currents between horses as they negotiate consent and desire during mating season. The viewer is drawn inside the kinetic swirl of the herd where hooves, flicking tails, and outstretched limbs offer an intimate encounter across the species divide. Shot in the heat of a February summer’s night, on the artist’s birthday, the charged atmosphere is palpable. The photography series revisits themes explored in the video installation Lovers which premiered at the 2018 Adelaide Biennial.

Amos Gebhardt says, “The images are raw, showing the mess of body fluids and muscle, giving vivid dimensions to the physical language of the body as an archive of story, to suggest a dramatic arc in horse terms.”

Image: Amos Gebhardt Gravity archival inkjet pigment print, 122 x 146 cm, edition of 5 + 2 AP

Sydney Contemporary presents 2020


Tolarno Galleries is pleased to participate in Sydney Contemporary presents 2020 with five new works created in 2020 by A&A, Brook Andrew, Andrew Browne, Amos Gebhardt and Ben Quilty.


Pictured: Ben Quilty The Last Day 2020, oil on linen, 180 x 202 cm

Tim Johnson

Parallel Universe
Online Viewing Space
11 September to 3 October 2020

Watch the exhibition video featuring Tim Johnson in a rare glimpse inside the studio with curator-at-large Tony Magnusson.

If a painting is a portal to another dimension, then the canvases of Tim Johnson are magic carpets, each one an invitation to embark on a voyage through the acclaimed Sydney-based artist’s personal cosmology. Revealing his sustained interest in Buddhism and other Eastern traditions, these serenely composed constellations of figures, objects and symbols inhabit an exalted space free from everyday concerns.

Johnson’s first show in five years with Tolarno Galleries, which has represented him since 1987, ‘Parallel Universe’ brings together 12 new paintings, five of them made in collaboration with Daniel Bogunovic, a self-taught artist who lives in LA.

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