Ben Quilty

What, in the end, are these paintings? What are they attempting to achieve? My best but wholly provisional answer is that theyʼre experiments in the transfer of feeling…

The painter who stood where we stand now is proffering a model of feeling – they are saying that, on this day and under these circumstances, this is how they wrangled the world. And as fellow ʼfeelersʼ approaching the work, we get to measure ourselves against that model. Is it useful? Can we see what they mean? And if not, is the difference illuminating? It is not about ʼlikingʼ or feeling liked back. It is about being compelled. Quilty compels through paintings that are, as we are, alive and conflicted.

– Justin Paton, Head curator international, Art Gallery NSW, essay quote from the book Ben Quilty (2019).

Download the Ben Quilty The Beach (2021) essay. Visit The Beach online exhibition .

Download the Ben Quilty 150 Years (2020) essay.

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Watch Ben Quilty in the studio talking about the painting, 2020.

Ben Quilty ‘150 Year, Rorschach’ [partial view] and ‘The Desert’, 2019
Ben Quilty ‘150 Year, Rorschach’ and ‘Self portrait, about my Brother’, 2019
Ben Quilty ‘Self portrait, about my Brother’ and ‘After the Pink Dress (Self Portrait)’, 2019
Ben Quilty ‘The Ludicrous Mode’ and ‘After the Pink Dress (Self Portrait)’, 2019
Ben Quilty ‘Dad’, ‘One Last Supper’ and ‘At the bottom of the fish tank’, 2019