Amos Gebhardt

Gebhardt presents a filmic dance of an entirely different kind. In this multi-channel video, Lovers, 2018 – Gebhardt celebrates the drama of powerful thoroughbred horses, performing a courting ritual of extraordinary intimacy. Gebhardt’s poetic meditation on the animal language of consent and desire connects the viewer to a force and emotion, in which we become complicit partners to an act of passion.
– Erica Green, Divided Worlds, Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art 2018

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Amos Gebhardt ‘Evanescence’ (2018) on the cover of Art Collector issue #92, April–June 2020
Evanescence – 4 channel, 4K video installation with multi-channel sound 34 minutes (loop).installation view, 2018 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Divided Worlds, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide. Photography by Saul Steed.
Amos Gebhardt ‘Evanescence’ (Cave #1) 2018, archival inkjet pigment print, 80 x 135 cm
Amos Gebhardt ‘Evanescence’ (Cave #6) 2018, archival inkjet pigment print, 60 x 90 cm