Forced Rhubarb

A solo exhibition with hand-printed and embroidered linens, accompanied by a floorwork made from sherbert-filled straws.

Food is the catalyst Elizabeth Willing uses to translate the ineffable body, to reflect on the performance of eating, and facilitate multisensory experiences.

Image: Elizabeth Willing Necklace of birth scars 2021, linen, cotton, thread, acrylic paint, 110 x 105 cm


Strawberry Thief

Tolarno Galleries presents Elizabeth Willing’s solo exhibition, Strawberry Thief, at this year’s Melbourne Art Fair. The exhibition will include a wallpaper print, a series of collage prints, hand-carved wooden sculptures and Anxiolytic. This is a bottled and branded spirit and glasses that will form part of a cocktail performance in collaboration with Melbourne mixologist, Cennon Hanson.

Image: Strawberry Thief (after William Morris), 2017. Wallpaper print, dimensions variable.

Elizabeth Willing’s Strawberry Thief project, presented at Melbourne Art Fair 2–5 August 2018, has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.


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