Justine Varga

When we think of photography we naturally think of a camera, even if it is just as an icon on our smart phone. The two go hand in hand. But we can take the camera out of the equation and still have photography. All we need is light. Indeed, the Greek roots of the word literally mean ‘drawing with light’. – Anne O’Hehir, Curator, Photography, National Gallery of Australia 2016

For me, this portrait [Maternal Line] didn’t deal with the appearance of somebody in the way a selfie phenomena does, for me it was like ‘Wow, this is a really contemporary portrait, and one that pushes the boundaries of portraiture’ at a time when the idea of taking a photograph of someone standing in front of you or turning a camera around and taking a photo of yourself and posting or sharing that is such a part of every day life. – Dr Shaune Lakin, Senior Curator Australian and International Photography, National Gallery of Australia 2017

Justine Varga, TarraWarra Biennial ‘From Will to Form’, installation view. TarraWarra Museum of Art 2018
Justine Varga, installation view at Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, USA, 2019
Justine Varga with her winning 2019 Dobell Drawing Prize work Photogenic Drawing 2018, chromogenic photograph 151.5 x 120 cm, 154.5 x 124 cm (framed). Photo by Peter Morgan, courtesy National Art School